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Merry Christmas

Well, who saw this situation coming? Certainly not us. Two years without our guests being able to come to Canada fishing has been devastating. And certainly lonely. We were able to open for a few weeks at the end of August this year however group size was down due to the 72-hour pre-entry testing and the fear surrounding the transmission of Covid and its variants.

For those who did manage to come all said the fishing was excellent and the lack of pressure over the past two years is what was it was attributed to. So imagine what 2022 fishing is going to be like!!!!  We are so looking forward to welcoming everyone back. I have been trying to connect with people to update them on their scheduled week and the requirements to come to Canada. I have emailed some, texted others and for those who I don’t have this information I try to call…. But as you all well know I can chat!!! But then again so can some of you…needless to say, some days see me talking to more people than other days.

I hope to connect with everyone eventually. I want to bring to your attention though the most important requirement to come fishing is that ALL GUESTS MUST HAVE PROOF THAT THEY ARE FULLY VACCINATED. This is not a requirement that will change prior to May 2022. I don’t see this requirement changing at least for 2022-2023 if ever.

Please give me a call/text/message/email if you haven’t heard from me about your dates. The best way to connect with me is texting/messaging/emailing using my cell phone 1-807-529-4140 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as its attached to me and if I have a signal, I will get it. Of course, you can call 1-888-662-9291 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. However, we are working away from the house, and we don’t have internet service until we get home which can be up to three days.

In closing I want to wish everyone a peaceful, joyful celebration with family and friends.

May the love you feel in your hearts at Christmas time be carried with you into 2022.  We all need to share the love the peace and goodwill with our neighbors and the world.

Stay safe, stay healthy and Take Good Care of Yourself and Each Other until we see you again.

Merry Christmas to All  And the very Best in the New Year

~ A Notice from CBSA on Bait ~

CBSA (Canada Border Service Agency) has notified us that they will not allow any bait (worms, minnows-live or dead, and obviously no leeches) into Canada. Currently, the only people permitted to import any of these would be commercial bait dealers who may be able to satisfy the CFIA or MNR in order to import them legally.

CBSA is concerned that with all the other rules which may affect border wait times (verification of public health rules for entry and other admissibility), they don’t have time for education on newly implemented bait rules. They also don’t know how widely these rules have been circulated in the United States and have asked us to help circulate this information to guests prior to their trip across the border.

We need to remind our guests that this may be a temporary measure during this first phase of reopening. We know it is one more thing for both operators and guests to keep in mind but to ensure a  smooth entry process want , wel need to help guests be prepared.

Lac Seul Fishing Resort and Lodge

Located in Northern Ontario, Canada.

Onaway Lodge Sunset
Our Piece of Paradise

A beautiful location on western shores of Lac Seul in Scout Bay.

Onaway Lodge is located on the western shores of upper Scout Bay, Lac Seul which means a beautiful sunrise will greet you each morning as you prepare to leave the dock on your way to another exciting day of fishing and exploring the lake.