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Please take care when travelling on Hwy. 105 North to Onaway. At approximately 10 km or 6.2 miles South of Perrault Falls there has been some road work done to repair a washout and IT IS NOT MARKED. You will need to slow down as it is quite a large bump.



As you plan your trip to ONAWAY, here are some important things to remember when travelling through the flood zones:          

Boaters need to beware as higher than normal water levels in northwestern Ontario have caused floating debris and submerged hazards(logs and  rocks) which can pose a serious threat to your safety.

In areas of flooding, exercise increased caution both on and off the water as water levels continue to rise.

Don’t drive through, stand or walk in any moving water. Stay off the roads if possible. This is to avoid unnecessary traffic and allow emergency services to get through.

Visit www.ontario.ca/floods for more information on the current flooding situation.

Visit Ontario's 511 website for up-to-date information on road and highway closures.



Bait: In other changes, on January 1, 2022 Ontario’s Sustainable Bait Management Strategy came into effect to reduce ecological risks associated with the use and movement of bait in Ontario. CBSA plays an important role in Protecting Canada from invasive species (cbsa-asfc.gc.ca) Accordingly, personal importations of bait at ports in Northern Ontario (Sault Ste. Marie, Pigeon River, Fort Frances and Rainy River) are NOT permitted and will be refused entry.  

Importing Boats: Travellers towing or transporting boats at all border crossings in Canada must ensure that boats, trailers, vehicles and water-related equipment are free of Zebra and Quagga mussels before entering Canada. All boats and equipment must be cleared of aquatic plants, animals, mud, debris, and be drained of water and dry. When boats, trailers, vehicles, and conveyances arriving at the border are suspected to be contaminated, enforcement authorities will be notified to inspect and/or decontaminate the equipment. If decontamination is not feasible at time of importation, travellers' equipment may be held and turned over to provincial authorities for a quarantine period, or refused entry by enforcement authorities and directed to a decontamination station in the U.S. before returning to Canada. Please view paragraphs 23-27 for more information. 

Cannabis: Don't bring it in, Don't take it out. Click HERE for more information.

Ban on Poultry Products:  Travellers should know that, due to a highly pathogenic Avian influenza outbreak, all raw poultry and all poultry products and by-products that are not fully cooked, including eggs and raw pet foods, sourced, processed, or packaged from the restricted zones in the above states are prohibited until further notice. You may not bring these items into Canada. Click here for a list of restricted zones.

Lac Seul Fishing Resort and Lodge

Located in Northern Ontario, Canada.

Onaway Lodge Sunset
Our Piece of Paradise

A beautiful location on western shores of Lac Seul in Scout Bay.

Onaway Lodge is located on the western shores of upper Scout Bay, Lac Seul which means a beautiful sunrise will greet you each morning as you prepare to leave the dock on your way to another exciting day of fishing and exploring the lake.