Update August 18, 2020

It has been announced that the border closure will be extended to September 21, 2020. It is most likely that that will be extended as well. It is not likely that we will see the US-Canada border open until Winter.

The 2020 Fishing season has officially been declared closed!!! at Onaway.

I am hoping that myself along with other tourist operators will be able to count on your support for the 2021 season.

Also there are a number of people actively involved in addressing the financial crisis of tourist operators  with our government. We may require letters of support from our guests. We are hoping we can count on you.

Update July 15 2020

The US/Canada Boarder closure has been EXTENDED to August 21st 2020. All Reservations will be moved officially to 2021 and we will start contacting everyone starting Monday July 13th 2020.

Update July 7, 2020

For clarification purposes I have provided the following. There are a number of dates being put out and it has me confused. There are three separate dates:

JULY 31- Travel ban that bars entry to all travellers, who are not Canadian citizens, permanent residents or people entering from the U.S. for "essential" reasons

JULY 21- Border closure which prohibits non-essential travel between Canada and the U.S. 

August 31- Federal government is extending strict quarantine rules that requires traveller to isolate for 14 days upon their arrival in Canada

Update July 4, 2020


It is now official the Federal government has announced the border closure has been extended. "late July" is July 21, 2020 with the possibility of another extension. For more information

For information on the Tourism Matters Rally held July 13 


Update June 10, 2020

Received information from our Tourist Association that it is most likely we will not see open borders until the end of July. Also if they open the borders it looks as if restrictions put in place will require International travellers to self isolate for 14 days. 

We are uncertan what this is going to mean for our season but it is not looking positive.

We encourage those that can to move their reservations now over to 2021. For those who choose to take a wait and see attitude for after July 31, 2020 we can do that too until we are forced into making a decision not to open our doors this season. 

For more information.